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Name: Laura Denomme 
Age: 13 ( 14 in like 3 months lol )
Gender: Male ( lol jk female… )
Location: MI
Lyric and why:  " and its cuz I spell confusion w/ a k and its hard to like it and it to dying in anothers arms and that's why I had to try it."


Bands/Type Of Music You Enjoy: EMO, punk rock, rock, post hardcore, n you get the point Tbs, Brandnew,
Books You Enjoy: omgsh soo many, but to name a few… The A list, Gossip Girl Series, Scribbler of Dreams, Pool boy, The Virgin Suicides… n yah
Color(s): Orange !!! and black haha
Movie(s): Shes all that lol… um… Virgin suicides… my boses daughter lol


Capital Punishment: Um… lol who knos
Abortion:  Well theres other options but do you u must I suppose…
George Bush: FOOKER !
Gay Marriges: Hell yah everyone should be equal…
War: Bad ~!~

Either or

: All !!! lol mixed 2gether
CD or MP3: Cd… I have Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry a mp3 player n I don't kno hwo to work it lol
DVD or VHS: Dvd… special features baby lol
Playstation 2 or XBox: X-BOX !!!
Love or Lust: Lust… lmao jk love totally
Food or Drink: Food… yummmm
Vodka or Rum: Vodka… lol
Rain or Sun: Rain

Some Other Shit

What do you do to waste time: Go online
Tell me something i haven't heard before: I want to lick my boob ??? lol

Drink: Dr. Pepper
Drugs: No
Smoke: hehe nah
Piercings: they r hot…
Tattoos: even hotter

5 hates: boy bands… Brittney spears… oogly guys lol… um… flowers… and fat chicks in bikins lol
5 loves: Andy Stallerd, You my dearest Emily, TBS, Brandnew, DOYLES !!! n Amanda ( 6 lol )
Religion: Im not nething … lol I don't think I am at least
Type of tennis shoes you're wearing: Orange Dickies High Tops

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